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February’s well-known birthstone is Amethyst that features captivating purple hues from lilac to violet. Some may even display dark purple shades with hints of red and blue. The most desirable February birthstone has a reddish-purple tone, achieving a perfect balance. In contrast, those appearing black in low light are often less valuable than the vibrant reddish ones, which can be more expensive. People generally believe that amethyst promotes a sense of calmness, although its significance may vary. Explore the diverse shades of Amethyst and find serenity in its beautiful world.




Amethyst, named after the Greek word “amethystos” meaning a remedy against drunkenness, promotes sobriety and calmness, countering the effects of alcohol. Ancient Egyptians linked amethyst with the goat zodiac sign, believed to safeguard vineyards. Symbolically, amethyst acts as a remedy against the influence of wine, fostering a clear state of mind. Explore the rich history and symbolic meanings of amethyst, a gem highly valued for its calming properties and symbolic significance.


Amethyst, a member of the Quartz family, is a microcrystal with the chemical formula SiO2. Initially colorless, iron impurities in the quartz structure give it a lovely purplish hue. Moreover, Due to slow growth, the crystal composition may contain varying amounts of water, forming these iron impurities. Thus each area of the stone can display different shades, and while varied colors may seem attractive, single-toned or colorless amethysts hold higher value. Explore the unique beauty and value of amethyst, a gem known for its enchanting purple tones shaped by nature’s intricate processes.


This stone, renowned for soothing internal turmoil and alleviating anxiety, stands out for its healing properties. It effectively balances emotions, curbing rage outbursts and irritability. Furthermore, it aids in combating insomnia, fostering peaceful sleep. Spiritually, the stone enhances dream comprehension, fosters selflessness, and augments spiritual wisdom.

In addition, widely embraced for its potential health benefits, amethyst is believed to assist in battling cancer, skin issues, digestive problems, and high blood pressure. Considered a go-to stone for achieving physical, mental, and psychological balance, amethyst stands as a holistic solution for overall well-being. Discover the transformative qualities of amethyst as you embrace its calming influence on both your body and mind.


Throughout history, royalty has cherished the rich purple color of the February birthstone, a tradition dating back to the days of Alexander the Great. Amethyst is steeped in lore, believed to bestow strength and wit upon its wearers. Additionally, for those celebrating a February birthday, donning an amethyst becomes a powerful symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength. Embrace the royal legacy and tap into the mystical aura of amethyst to enhance your sense of personal power and resilience.


Amethysts, widely found in Brazil and Uruguay amid basalt flows, thrive near holes in igneous rocks. The size of the cavity often determines the abundance of amethyst crystals. Similarly other global sources include Canada, France, India, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Notably, Arizona, US, hosts the renowned mine for amethysts. Explore these diverse locations to uncover the beauty of amethysts, with Arizona standing out as a particularly famous hub for these captivating crystals.


A treasure trove of amethyst and ametrine crystals line the walls of Bolivia’s historic Anahí mine.

In Africa, Zambia’s Kariba mine is one of the largest amethyst producers in the world. Amethyst mined there tends to be of superb quality with richly saturated colors.


This Amethyst birthstone scores a 7 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for everyday jewelry like rings. However, daily wear may lead to wear and necessitate repolishing. Unlike harder gems like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, amethyst is more prone to damage. Placing amethyst jewelry next to these stones poses a risk of scratches. Be mindful of the hardness difference to keep your amethyst jewelry looking its best.


Finally, for centuries, amethyst has captivated kings and queens. Now, discover the perfect royal gift for your February-born love. Enhance your shopping experience with our quick tips – don’t forget to bring along our Amethyst Buyers Guide on your next shopping spree. Delve into the world of regal charm and find the ideal gift that reflects both love and sophistication.

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