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Gold, for countries and state banks, is known as one of the fundamental financial assets. An indicator of economic wealth, gold is viewed as a currency, just like the Euro, Yen, or U.S dollar.         


One of the most important roles is being played by the mining industry in Pakistan, where there are large deposits of several minerals, including mighty gold and copper. The largest copper and gold mines in the world, found in the southwest part of Pakistan in Baluchistan, is the Reko Diq mine. Having one of the greatest gold reserves in the world, possessing approximately 41.5 million oz of precious metal.  


As of 2021, we see gold prices falling gradually through periods of January, February, and March, presenting higher opportunities for investors to accumulate gold at such levels. While optimistic ideas towards economic growth through vaccines have been showing their downside, gold prices have fallen low providing opportunities to build some allocation of gold.  


At present times, the two largest sources demanding gold in Pakistan are investors and markets. Concerning investment purposes, gold is available in a variety of forms. At times, it can be bought in the form of coins and bars also known as bullion but in Asia, it is usually purchased in the form of jewelry, which is more or so bought for investment rather than a requirement to adorn. The highest level of demand continues in Asia as compared to countries in Europe.  

One of the best metals for price appreciation. Higher amounts of gold reserves of a country can help protect against issues of inflation and paper currency that is much weaker.   


  • Make money from it. When gold prices go up, so does your wealth.  
  • Protect your wealth. Whether you believe a recession is in the way or not, this precious metal has always been a safe bet for your money since the age of time.  
  • Its liquid and can easily be converted into cash.  


As of March 2020, WHO announced Coronavirus as a global pandemic, 18.5 million jobs were lost in Pakistan. With job losses and business down, prior investments towards gold managed to create a haven for people during times of crisis.  


Two ways to put your money into gold are getting gold in physical form or investing via the stock market. While stocks might be riskier, investing in physical gold is considered to be more tangible. Investing in the stock market can be in different ways as well. The first of which is buying gold stocks. Individuals can invest in a company with gold exposure, such as a mining company. Strong companies will generally see stock prices go up when gold prices go up. One of the other ways can be investing in gold trading in a gold-themed exchange-traded fund i.e. a listed fund made up of gold companies.  

People can invest in gold through the futures market. Futures prices can be highly complicated hence, better suited to more advanced traders.  

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Gold Rate In US$ & PKR per Oz

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