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Though June presents three distinct birthstones—Pearls, Moonstone, and Alexandrite—Pearls rule this month. Available in various colors, including pink, blue, purple, green, and black, the most common is creamy white to pure white. The most valuable pearls, recognized as South Sea Pearls, feature a cream white color with gold undertones. Moreover, according to the Gemological Institute of America, the largest natural pearl, the Giga Pearl, weighs a substantial 27.65 kg. Enhance your elegance with June birthstone jewelry showcasing the timeless beauty of pearls.




Pearls have health benefits, refreshing the liver, kidneys, and muscles. They support fertility, ease childbirth pains, and balance hormones for those struggling with hormonal imbalances. Moreover, pearls maintain spot-free skin by controlling melanin levels, preventing acne and scarring, keeping the face youthful.

In addition, spiritually, pearls align well with the Crown and Root chakras. Enhancing intuition and enlightenment, they create mindfulness, connecting to the Crown chakras. Grounding and aiding in understanding life’s meaning, pearls, linked to the Root chakras, bring balance to the two major spiritual chakras, fostering a serene and connected life.


Natural pearls form inside oysters, which have a shell made of calcium carbonate. When oysters encounter harmful parasites, they release a secretion to protect themselves, forming what we call mother of pearl. However, not all pearls are natural. Additionally, cultured pearls are popular, created by intentionally inserting irritants into oysters to stimulate pearl growth.

Furthermore, the substance that forms pearls, known as Nacre, is responsible for both natural and cultured pearls. This material gives pearls their unique beauty. Transitioning from natural to cultured, pearls continue to captivate admirers with their timeless allure.


Pearls offer health benefits, supporting the liver, kidneys, and muscles. They’re known to enhance fertility and ease childbirth pains. If you’re struggling with hormonal imbalances, wearing pearls can help balance hormones and improve moods. For radiant skin, pearls control melanin levels, preventing spots and maintaining a youthful face by averting acne and scarring.

Indeed, pearls connect well with the Crown and Root chakras. Boosting intuition and enlightenment, they create a mindful connection to the Crown chakras. Grounding you and helping understand life’s meaning, pearls, associated with the Root chakras, bring balance between these two essential chakras for a serene and connected life.


Cartier set Elizabeth Taylor’s historic 50.56 ct La Peregrina pearl as part of the pendant to this two-strand pearl, ruby and diamond necklace. Courtesy: Christie’s


China sells the highest number of pearls globally, primarily cultured pearls. Japan holds the pearl market with over 80 percent, being the largest provider of both natural and cultured pearls. Pearls, whether cultured or natural, are specifically found in various countries like India, the Philippines, Australia, Bahrain, Tahiti, and Mexico. Transcending borders, pearls add to the global market, each region contributing to the unique allure of these precious gems.


French Polynesia’s atolls shield pearl farms from the surrounding ocean waves. Behind the fringe of palm trees, there’s a sheltered lagoon that’s ideal for mollusk culturing.


It’s wise to keep pearls away from lotions and fragrances to avoid damage. Also, avoid using ultrasonic cleansers with pearls. If you clean the stone, remember to rub it with a clean cloth daily to keep it free from any extra stain or dirt that might accumulate. For instance, store them in a soft box and avoid stashing them away for too long; instead, wear them on special occasions. Additionally, take your pearls to a jeweler once or twice a year for professional cleaning to maintain their sparkle and shine.


Today, cultured pearls can be found in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes (here, measuring between 9 mm and 23 mm). From left to right: a baroque cultured pearl; small fancy pink and peach off-round freshwater cultured pearls; round white Australian cultured pearls; and black and brown Tahitian cultured pearls.


In summary, June is a month filled with joyous occasions like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays, creating a vibrant atmosphere for celebrations. Moreover, adding to the festive spirit is the allure of the June birthstones, presenting a delightful choice for those born in this special month. Additionally, the fortunate individuals born in June have the privilege of selecting from three stunning birthstones, each with its unique charm and significance. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of pearls, the ethereal glow of moonstones, or the enchanting color-changing properties of alexandrite, June offers a range of exquisite options. Armed with this knowledge, you now have the insight to choose a perfect June birthstone, creating a meaningful and cherished gift for yourself or a loved one born in this month of jubilation and festivities.

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