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Measure Your Ring Size

Do you want to know how to measure your ring size on your own.

Buying a ring should be simple. You visit a jewellery store, find a design you like, and then pay for it. Figuring out the ring size is easy too. You can measure it at the store using the actual finger that will wear the ring or provide a sample ring with the correct size to the staff. However, things have changed with the rise of online shopping, even for fine jewellery like rings. This adds a bit of complexity since you can’t test the ring size in person or provide a sample ring online. So, how do you measure ring size online to avoid getting a beautiful diamond ring that doesn’t fit?

We shall take you to the step by step guide to measure ring size. However, we recommend you to get your size measured by an experienced professional from your local jewellery store.


Temperature i.e., too hot or cold can make the size of your fingers change, resulting in them either expanding or shrinking, making it difficult for you to measure your size. Make sure your body is always at room temperature before making any measurements. 


Measuring your ring size at home can be a tricky task sometimes. Luckily, we have a few simple steps you can follow to measure your size and find the perfect fit!

steps to measure ring size at home

Now follow the ring size chart below to determine your size with the measurements taken from above mentioned methods. For example, size of the mark on the strip is 18.54mm-0.730inch then your ring size is 19 Pakistani size.

US 3.04-544.2mm-1.74inch14.07mm-0.554inch
US 3.5645.5mm-1.79inch14.48mm-0.570inch
US 4.0746.8mm-1.84inch14.88mm-0.586inch
US 4.5848mm-1.89inch15.29mm-0.602inch
US 5.09-1049.3mm-1.94inch15.70mm-0.618inch
US 5.51150.6mm-1.99inch16.10mm-0.634inch
US 6.01251.9mm-2.04inch16.51mm-0.650inch
US 6.51353.1mm-2.09inch16.92mm-0.666inch
US 7.014-1554.4mm-2.14inch17.32mm-0.682inch
US 7.51655.7mm-2.19inch17.73mm-0.689inch
US 8.017-1857mm-2.24inch18.14mm-0.714inch
US 8.51958.3mm-2.29inch18.54mm-0.730inch
US 9.02059.5mm-2.34inch18.95mm-0.746inch
US 9.52160.8mm-2.39inch19.35mm-0.762inch
US 1022-2362.1mm-2.44inch19.76mm-0.778inch
US 10.52463.4mm-2.49inch20.17mm-0.794inch
US 112564.4mm-2.54inch20.57mm-0.810inch
US 11.52665.9mm-2.59inch20.98mm-0.826inch
US 1227-2866.6mm-2.65inch21.39mm-0.842inch
US 12.52968.5mm-2.70inch21.79mm-0.858inch
US 133069.7mm-2.75inch22.20mm-0.874inch
US 13.53171mm-2.80 inch22.61mm-0.890inch
US 1432-3372.3mm-2.85inch23.01mm-0.906inch
US 14.5 73.6mm-2.90inch23.42mm-0.922inch


Before choosing a necklace, we suggest you to measure one you might already have in the correct size you seek to purchase or have custom-made.  

When purchasing necklaces, the length is of utmost importance. Your necklace can have varying looks depending on how long or short it is. Some chains might have a better look and fit on some than others.  

If finding the perfect size might seem like a challenging task, we’ve got you covered. You can choose the length you find the best fitting from the comfort of your home by having a look at our chart below.  

Necklace Sizing
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