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Privacy & Policy

This policy elucidates how customer data is accumulated and utilized. Further, it explains how personal data is secured and discusses the disclosure of said data. 
By accessing our website, you agree to the execution and implementation of our privacy policy either directly or indirectly. 
Insurance concerning information requires trust on the part of the customer and to apprehend how privacy protection is a predominant part of our policy. 
All customer data gathered is only necessary and directly related to communication and company dealing with consumers. 
Data will be kept by the company for a required time as per law. 
Website visits can be made without disclosing any personal information. 
Activity on our website guarantees user anonymity unless users log into an account on our website through username and password 
User data, in no way, shape or form will be sold, rented, or distributed to any third party without a customer’s consent. This privacy policy is generated with Privacy Policy Generator.


Customer data may be saved in cases of their return to the website to make a purchase. 
An individual’s data may be gathered regarding their age, gender, residential area, postal address, and contact number. 
All data is utilized that the company requires for handling customer requests and data offered through our company website, demanded by the customers. 
Data will be utilized to regulate customer records, make transactions, designing of future website pages for enhancing customers’ ease and satisfaction, and identifying new traffic on our website. 
Customer information will be provided to an outsider in case of delivery. 
Order details might be saved. Users can access information by logging into their account through our website and check out their information and personal details. 
You agree that all information is accessed privately by you and in any cases of data misuse, our company will not be liable for any damages or harm. 


Secure socket layer technology ensures the protection of data whilst purchasing items online, making users’ shopping experience completely secure and comfortable. 
Encryption technology works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and AOL’s browsing concealing data as it traverses the internet. 


Specialized measures have been made to ensure safety from any illegal methods to access your data. All information is saved on a secure server equipped with a firewall. 
Our company’s security system may require customers to identify themselves from time to time before providing them with access to their individual information. Customers are solely in charge of securing their login information and their website accessing devices I.e., mobile, laptops, PC. 


All customers have the right to access information or data the company has saved, and make changes to any errors or omissions present. Customers have the right in demanding the company to stop accessing any available data present for purposes of digital marketing. 


Our company can update these privacy policies at any time in case of conversion in our practices, requirements due to legal or regulatory reasons. 
For further queries and information please contact us at  Call : +92 316 6099999 – Email : razajewellers1980@gmail.com

Our Client’s has easy excess of our store if they face any difficulties regarding anything.
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