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The famous birthstone of September is the Sapphire stone. They come in a wide variety of colors such as green, yellow, purple, orange, blue, black, and even colorless. Leukosapphires are also known as green and colorless sapphires. As most of us know, the most expensive sapphires are the shade blue. Moreover, they come by the name Kashmiri Sapphire or Kashmiri Neelam. The high expense of the stone is due to its breathtaking royal blue shade along with the velvet-like texture. ‘The Blue Belle of Asia,’ worth $17,564,156, holds the title of the most valuable sapphire in the world. Though blue sapphires are the most expensive, orange sapphires tend to be the rarest and extremely difficult to find, making them quite a challenge for collectors. Padparadscha Sapphires are the alternative name for orange sapphires.




Throughout history, various cultures have held their perceptions about the power and mysticism of sapphire stones. In some beliefs, those wearing the gemstone were able to harness the earthly powers and spirits. The symbolism behind sapphires has been different in religions. However, Persians held their opinions, that the earth stood on a sapphire stone, whereas Buddhists thought of the gemstones to aid in concentration during meditation. Christians used the stones to control desires and, the sapphire symbolized purity and goodness. Ancient Egyptians utilized sapphires for eye cleansing and washing, as these stones were believed to remove any eye diseases.


Sapphires belong to the corundum mineral family. Their chemical composition is aluminum oxide with the chemical formula (α-Al2O3). Sapphires also contain iron, titanium, chromium, and vanadium. The largest sapphires usually develop from igneous rocks when magma cools down. Considerably a hard stone as it is a 9, on Mohs scale of hardness. Just second in line to diamonds. 


Sapphires boast numerous healing properties. First and foremost, they effectively dispel negative thoughts and energy. Moreover, wearing a sapphire enhance mental clarity, and contributes to overcoming depression. Sapphires are also reputed for their ability to improve weak eyesight. Moreover, they foster financial prosperity and attract good luck. In a spiritual context, these precious stones intricately connect to both the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. Activating the third eye facilitates heightened intuition and knowledge, while opening the throat chakra supports the sharing of this wisdom with the world.


The famed Rockefeller Sapphire weighs 62.02 ct. It is flanked by two cut-cornered triangular cut diamonds, mounted in a platinum ring.


In Asia, sapphires are present in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan and, Afghanistan. Outside Asia, sapphire mines are in Tanzania, Australia, Madagascar, Kenya and Nigeria, and the US.  


A scenic view near Mogok rivals the beauty of the sapphires hidden underground.

For more than 2,000 years, Sri Lanka has been a source of the September birthstone. The blue and fancy-color stones mined from the alluvial gravels of this “jewel box of the Indian Ocean” can display remarkable brilliance and saturation. Additionally, artisans can heat treat the island’s milky white “geuda” sapphires to achieve a rich blue color.


The biggest enemy of a sapphire stone is heat. Keep your gemstone safe from excessive heat. If cleaning at home, it is advisable to soak it in sudsy, Luke warm water to remove any dirt or stains. Brush off any remaining dust and pat dry with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Store in a fabric-lined box for maximum care. Try visiting a nearby jeweler once or twice a year to have your gemstone professionally cleaned. It will help maintain its luster and shine.  


Now that you know all about sapphire, take a look at our Sapphire Buying Guide, as it can help you pick a stunning September birthstone for yourself or a loved one.


In conclusion, the September birthstone, sapphire, stands as a timeless symbol of wisdom, nobility, and divine protection. Its rich history, vibrant hues, and multifaceted qualities make it a cherished gemstone, not just for those born in September but for all who appreciate its beauty and significance. Whether adorning elegant jewelry pieces or serving as a source of spiritual healing, the sapphire continues to captivate hearts and minds around the world. As we celebrate the individuals born in this month, let us also celebrate the enduring allure of the sapphire, a gem that transcends time and trends, leaving an indelible mark on the world of precious gemstones.

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