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About Raza Jewellers

Dreaming big, setting goals, and taking action – Mr. Raza Mehmood, the owner of Raza Jewellers, laid a strong and vigorous foundation for the company in the 1980s. Thirty years ago, with a dream set in mind to provide handcrafted luxury jewelry with the utmost finesse, magnificence, and perfection to customers on both national and international levels, Raza Jewellers embarked on a remarkable journey.   

The company, since then, has had its course set under the ingenious administration of Mr. Raza’s three sons and made its way into the hearts of its customers by providing pre-eminent services in the market. Over time, Raza Jewellers have made a name and strong presence in their métier. Today, the company has expanded in both manual and technological means to create high class ornaments of perfection.



Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Muhammad Mustafa Raza

Muhammad Mustafa Raza

Muhammad Mujtaba Raza

Muhammad Mujtaba Raza



Initiated in the 1980s by Mr. Raza Mehmood, Raza Jewellers is a full-service production company assisting jewelry retailers and designers for over a quarter of a century. Our jewelry designs take inspiration from our heritage, culture, and classic contemporary styles, adding a touch of sophistication and modernism.

Presenting thousands of designs ranging in goldsilver, and diamonds, along with precious pearls and a wide variety of gemstones. We tailor each piece to your aesthetics and style. Moreover, including a wide array of colors, ranging from bright golds to soft hues of pink and turquoise.  

Specifically we have aspired to create a strong understanding of product demand and its characteristics, making our brand stand out from the rest. In particular we assure each article from Raza Jewellers is hand-crafted with love, magnificence, and diligent artistry. Our goal is to provide you with grandeur accessories, superlative to perfection and elegance.

Moreover, Razajewellers stands out among the top jewelers in Lahore. Our commitment to exquisite jewelry design is evident in every piece we create. Whether it’s the allure of diamond or gold jewelry or the captivating charm of silver jewelry.

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Raza Jewellers: Crafting Timeless Elegance in Every Piece

Our bespoke jewelry comes to life through a family of 100 plus master artisans. In contrast they work tirelessly to surpass ordinary craftsmanship, bringing forth premium jewelry tailored to your specific tastes and aesthetics. All articles are manufactured with modern technology, infused with the labor of love from our employees and highly qualified smiths.

Contemporary, traditional, and fusion mixes – we have them all. Minimal, big, bold, subtle – you name it. Each design is exclusive, radiating the essence of Ottoman, Egyptian, Singaporean, Indian, Pakistani styles, cultures, architectures, and heritages. We strive to provide a diverse range of international jewelry brand styles.

Moreover, for a quarter of a century, our company has diligently presented countless designs of gold, silver, and diamonds, ensuring a smooth journey for our customers.

Here at Raza Jewellers, we provide easy access to gold in all varieties – 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, 10k – along with the finest quality sterling silver collections. All with countless designs, tailored to your requirements. Notably our opulent diamond jewelry collections boast timeless pieces of the purest solitaire, each more deluxe than the other.

In addition, catering to our customers’ gemstone needs, our premium and statement accessories feature an assortment of colorful gems, including ruby, zircons, garnet, emeralds, sapphire, and pearls. These gems are creatively studded in our high-quality pieces.

Furthermore, we provide custom-made jewelry services in gold, silver, or solitaire – delivering an essence of love, memories, and romanticism. Our fine quality, diverse styles, and superb customer services have entrenched Raza Jewellers as premium jewelry designers, not only in Pakistan but at an international level.

RAZA Jewels Company Suha bazar Rang mehal , Lahore.

RAZA Jewellers Hotel Sunfort Building 24-G, Liberty Market, Gulberg III, 

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